Your Buds' Best Friends: Cannabis accessories you can display on your coffee table

Laundry Day new 'Hudson Pipe'. Source:

The recent shift in the design of cannabis-related objects signifies that, as legalization spreads and the stigma associated with the plant dissipates, consumers will become increasingly open about their consumption and will want accessories that reflect their design sensibilities.

Stash Boxes

Béton Brut container by Light + Ladder. Source:
Tank Storage Jar by Tokyo Smoke. Source:
De Stijl Storage Tower from the MoMa Design Store. Source:


Death Star grinder by Formax420. Source:
Tokyo Smoke Grinder by Tokyo Smoke. Source:
Dot Infinity Card by Tokyo Smoke. Source:


Rib Tray and Brush by Pat Kim. Source:
Pineapple Horn Dish by Fait La Force for Sweetflag. Source:


Hudson Pipe by Laundry Day. Source:
Half Circle pipe made by Yew Yew in collaboration with designers Liv & Dom. Source: //
Voltaire pipes made by The Pursuit of Happiness. Source:
Colfax Wooden Dugout by Elevate. Source:

Water Pipes

Awmoo water pipes.
Jane West x GRAV collection Bubbler. Source:
GRAV Menorah water pipe. Source:
Voong by Castor. Source:

Joint Holders

Rolling Papers

Tetra rolling papers. Source:
Lady Fair Papers by Working Girls. Source:
24k Gold Rolling Papers by Shine. Source:
Pop Sticks 6-pack by Van der Pop. Source:


Rainbow crystal ashtray by Fundamental Berlin. Source:
Fetish ashtray by Joe Doucet. Source:
PK Bowl by Architect Made. Source:




Partner at Plant Medicine Law Group and founder of

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Adriana Kertzer

Adriana Kertzer

Partner at Plant Medicine Law Group and founder of

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