Top 18 Companies Giving Cannabis a Makeover

Source: @420friendlykitty

With the increased legalization of cannabis in North America, aspects of the plant’s countercultural associations and negative stigmas are dissipating. Replacing the idea that cannabis is taboo are new connotations, engineered through branding and supplemented by the sheer experience of the substance.

Many of us are seeking new ways to relax, socialize, and improve our health. From the medical to the recreational, marketers are using design to communicate a need to a consumer base that can best be filled through cannabis. For those who partake in legal cannabis, the question will arise: What role does design play in that decision?

Examples of innovative packaging design collected during my research. Source:
Desktop wallpaper featuring Bob Marley and a cannabis leaf. Source:
Cheech and Chong in "Up in Smoke" (1978). Source:
Not only is the design of cannabis accessories changing, so is the photography that markets them. Half Circle Pipe by Yew Yew. Source:

Celebrity Cannapreneurs

Snoop Dogg, of Leafs by Snoop. Source:
Leafs by Snoop packaging. Different strains are identified through the colored tabs at the top of each box. Source:
Willie’s Reserve website statement. Source:
Willie's Reserve edible chocolates. Source:


Sirita Wright, Kali Wilder and Safon Floyd of EstroHaze. Source:
Verena von Pfetten and David Weiner of Gossamer. Source:
Cover of the second issue of Broccoli magazine. Source:


An advertisement for Tetra. Source:

Online Dispensaries

Dona Frank, founder of Natural Cannabis Company. Source:
South African duo Die Antwoord in a Zef Zol ad. Source:
Cannabis products from the Die Antwoord and Natural Cannabis Company collaboration. Source:
Image courtesy of Eaze.
Jim Patterson, Chief Executive Officer of Eaze. Source:


Michael "Big Mike" Straumietis, founder of Advanced Nutrients. Source:
Examples of Advanced Nutrients’ fertilizer containers. Source:


Wanda James and Scott Durrah, co-founders of Simply Pure. Photo by Marc Piscotty
Simply Pure dispensary in Denver, CO. Source:
Jordan Lewis, founder of Silverpeak Apothecary. Source:
Silverpeak dispensary in Aspen, CO. Source:
Josh Ginsberg and Rhett Jordan, co-founders of Native Roots Dispensary. Source:
Branded Native Roots desktop wallpaper. Source:
Native Roots dispensary in Denver, CO. Source:

Subscription Box

Potbox package shot. Source:


Peter Barsoom, of 1906 New Highs. Source:
1906 New Highs minimalist packages design. Source:
Kristi Knoblich and Scott Palmer, of Kiva Confections. Source:
Kiva bars. Source:


Jay Evans, of Keirton. Source:
Twister Trimmer ad featuring lumbersexuals. Source:

Private Equity

Brendan Kennedy, of Privateer Holdings. Source:
Logo of cannabis companies owed by Privateer Holdings.
Bedrocan, Mettrum and Tweed products. The three brands are owned by Canopy Growth Corporation. Source:



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