Rebranding Pot is a series about the changing aesthetics of the cannabis industry.

Many branding agencies aspire to get into the cannabis space; some have already cut their teeth in the industry. If you are a cannapreneur building a new company or part of a private equity firm looking to improve a portfolio brand’s representation, consider companies that have already dipped their toe in this complicated, highly-regulated market.

Below is a list of branding agencies active in the cannabis industry. This list is organized in alphabetical order and mentions the city where the agency is based, names of the founders…

Who could have suspected that a Brown University Judaic Studies major turned corporate lawyer and design curator would eventually launch an Instagram account dedicated to Jews who love cannabis and work in the cannabis industry?

Over the past five years I have researched the changing aesthetics of the cannabis industry for my series Rebranding Pot. …

A book about the use of references to Brazilian favelas to market luxury products to a primarily non-Brazilian audience.

Book Summary

In Favelization, The Imaginary Brazil in Contemporary Film, Fashion, and Design, a book originally published by the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, Adriana Kertzer sets out to understand the ways in which specific producers of contemporary Brazilian culture capitalized on misappropriations of favelas (informal squatter settlements that grow along the hillsides and lowlands of many Brazilian cities) in order to brand luxury items as “Brazilian.”

Through case studies that look at films, fashion, and furniture design, she explains how designers and…

Rebranding Pot is a series about the changing aesthetics of the cannabis industry

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

As cannabis becomes increasingly legal and commercialized, the hospitality industry has come up with new travel options that capitalize on growing acceptance of the plant and its mainstreaming in American culture. Retreats and cruises where cannabis is the core “theme” have cropped up in the United States, Canada and Jamaica. While travelers have flocked to Amsterdam and Colorado in search of legal weed for years, we now see cannabis travel experiences being advertised where the plant is the focus of the journey.

The reasons why we travel…

A book about the changing aesthetics of the cannabis industry.

My original plan was to write a book — on my own, as authors traditionally do. However, after countless rejections from traditional publishers who informed me the cannabis industry was too specific of a focus, and numerous proposals from pay-to-play publishers who wanted me to pay them thousands of dollars to publish my book, I decided to rethink the whole plan.

Let’s collaborate on a group publication.

The new strategy is to bring together the best brains tracking the changing aesthetics of the cannabis industry, wherever in the world they…

Rebranding Pot is a series about the changing aesthetics of the cannabis industry

Laundry Day new 'Hudson Pipe'. Source:

Aesthetics play a significant role in how cannabis products are received by first-time users as the pace of legalization picks up speed in North America. Sophisticated, unexpected and elegant designs will allow companies to disassociate themselves from the stigma traditionally attached to cannabis consumption, securing new consumers among both habitual users and the canna-curious.

Until recently, the design of cannabis accessories was of questionable quality. Objects were often embellished with images of green cannabis leaves, Bob Marley, the Jamaican flag, dancing bears, and symbols from the late…

Rebranding Pot is a series about the changing aesthetics of the cannabis industry.

Image: @ladiesofparadise

I am here to confess. Over the past three years, I have researched the evolution of cannabis branding without ever setting foot in an actual dispensary. Shameful. The reason? I live in New York, one of the “prohibition states” where medical marijuana is legal but recreational use is not.

During a recent trip to California, I rectified this disgrace in style. I went shopping. Bigly. I downloaded the Weedmaps app, did my research, and hailed an Uber.

What did I buy? Let me tell you.

Rebranding Pot is a series about the changing aesthetics of the cannabis industry

Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Seth Rogen. Source:

Article Summary

  • A surprising number of celebrities have not only “stepped out of the cannabis closet”, but have launched their own cannabis-related products.
  • These celebrities have attached their personal brands to these products, distinguishing them from competitors and adding to their perceived value
  • This public promotion of cannabis products by celebrities is reflective of (and influences) a few massive shifts in our culture:
    1) Being pro-cannabis can positively impact one’s persona
    2) The cannabis product landscape is increasingly diversified

As cannabis use becomes increasingly legal and socially accepted in…

Rebranding Pot is a series about the changing aesthetics of the cannabis industry.

Official logo of SXSW 2018.

Afamiliar scent in the air during SXSW 2018 led many of us to believe — even if just for a split second — that cannabis is legal in Texas. But those of us who attended the panel discussion “Welcome to the Future of Cannabis” on March 15, 2018 were reminded that just ain’t yet the case.

Rebranding Pot is a series about the changing aesthetics of the cannabis industry.

Source: @420friendlykitty

So long tie-dye t-shirts and stoner basements — hello digital influencers, master chefs, and business tycoons. In the U. S. and Canada, cannapreneurs — entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry — are employing increasingly sophisticated design strategies to position their brands. They are targeting a range of potential consumers — women, connoisseurs, skeptics, health nuts, millennials, and (perhaps most interesting) those who have never used cannabis before.

My research focuses on the cannapreneurs who are responsible for the green revolution’s most exciting examples of innovative branding and advertising.

Adriana Kertzer

Partner at Plant Medicine Law Group and founder of

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